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Blob take easy - decal / temporary tattoo


Embrace a laid-back attitude with the "Blob take easy" temporary tattoo. Let Blob's carefree spirit inspire you to unwind, relax, and take life at your own pace. This tattoo serves as a gentle reminder to prioritize self-care, find balance, and embrace a stress-free mindset.

Wear the "Blob take easy" decal as a personal mantra, a visual cue to slow down and enjoy the present moment. Let it be a conversation starter, sparking discussions about the importance of self-care.

Take it easy,

Tomo ­čĺť


  1. Remove the protective plastic and place the tattoo against your skin
  2. Run warmish water over it for 30 sec or use a wet cloth
  3. Slowly remove the paper
  4. Done!

PS. The profits from this decal will go towards supporting my mental health art exhibition called NURTURE, featuring artists worldwide.

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Blob take easy - decal / temporary tattoo

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