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Blob sensitive - decal / temporary tattoo


Celebrate your sensitivity with the "Blob sensitive" decal temporary tattoo that shows Blob with a single tear. This heartfelt tattoo acknowledges and embraces your emotional needs. Wear it proudly to feel seen, understood, and connected with others who appreciate the depth of your emotions.

Embrace your sensitivity, find comfort in shared experiences, and let the "Blob sensitive" tattoo be a reminder that your feelings matter and empathy is damn cool. 😎

Love your sensitivity,

Tomo 💜


  1. Remove the protective plastic and place the tattoo against your skin
  2. Run warmish water over it for 30 sec or use a wet cloth
  3. Slowly remove the paper
  4. Done!

PS. The profits from this decal will go towards supporting my mental health art exhibition called NURTURE, featuring artists from around the world.

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Blob sensitive - decal / temporary tattoo

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