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Blob no stress - sticker


Unwind and find your bliss with this mental health blob sticker. Blob is enjoying a peaceful bath, surrounded by the soft glow of candles. The air fills with soothing melodies, transporting Blob—and you—to a state of pure serenity and introspection.

This charming sticker will be your gentle reminder to slow down and embrace moments of calm. Stick it on your journal, phone, or laptop, infusing your daily life with whimsy and peace and will open conversations with those around you about the value of living more consciously.

Relax, heal, and find your groove,

Tomo 💜

PS. The profits from this sticker will go towards supporting my mental health art exhibition called NURTURE, featuring artists from around the world.

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Size (metric)
5 x 5.4 cm
Size (US)
1.9 x 2.1 in.

Blob no stress - sticker

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